Below are some of the online activities linked to Herschel. Click on the links to try them out.

The app below allows you to design your own space telescope, based on a range of “mission scenarios”. You need to select the size of the mirror, the instruments, where it will be launched from and were it will orbit, and even the rocket you’ll use. Once it’s complete, you can fill in the proposal and even launch your mission.

Space is a risky business – will your mission succeed?

The Andromeda Galaxy

The aim of this activity is to match images of an astronomical object, observed in different wavelengths, with the object’s visible image.

Try a range of objects and see how high a score you can get!


See the Herschel results as they are distributed around the sky, using the popular Chromoscope interface.

Zoom in and change the background wavelength so study them in context, and click on the icons to get more information.

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Herschel needs your help! Help us discover the most distance galaxies in the image of the far Universe.

This activity requires a Java plugin for your browser.

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The Mulky Way Project

A citizen science project from, which asks users to help scientists look for features in our own Milky Way. The data is from Herschel and NASA’s Spitzer satellite. You can search for bubbles in the interstellar medium, or find holes in the clouds of gas and dust.

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