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Imperial College have participated in the specification, design and operation of the instrument.  The group is leading one of the Data Processing and Science Analysis Software Centres. Their primary science interest is in mapping the light emitted by stars and black holes that has been reprocessed by dust, in order to make a census of the energy outputs of galaxies at these wavelengths, over the history of the Universe. Herschel will achieve these aims by making maps of particular fields within two surveys, ATLAS and HERMES.

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Dave Clements
Imperial College London020 7594 7693
My main interest is in the study of distant galaxies with Herschel, and I am involved with several large scale surveys that will be undertaken with Herschel. These include the HerMES project, the largest single programme on Herschel, aimed at distant dusty galaxies at earlier stages of the universe, and the H-ATLAS project, the largest area survey to be conducted with Herschel and aimed at determining the properties of dusty galaxies in the local universe and uncovering the properties of rare and unusual dusty objects.
Michael Rowan-Robinson
Imperial College London020 7594 7543
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