Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Team

The SPIRE instrument was assembled at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), in Oxfordshire.  The RAL team are heavily involved in the operations and support of the SPIRE instrument, as well as helping other scientists use it efficiently.

NameAbout us
Tim GrundyRutherford Appleton LaboratoryEGSE SupportI was responsible for testing the on-board software before and after launch. I commissioned the spectrometer mechanisms.
Steve Guest Rutherford Appleton LaboratorySPIRE Software ManagerI look after all the software development activities in the ICC and the common Herschel area.
Sarah Leeks Rutherford Appleton LaboratoryI am the Calibration Scientist for the SPIRE instrument on Herschel. I oversaw the Performance Verification phase for SPIRE and am responsible for the routine calibration of SPIRE.
Tanya Lim Rutherford Appleton LaboratorySPIRE Project and ICC ManagerI manage SPIRE for the Consortium and at RAL. I trouble-shoot, fight fires, and try to keep everybody happy.
Brian McIlwrathRutherford Appleton LaboratorySoftware EngineerI have recently taken over the maintenance and future improvements to the Scan Map software used in the SPIRE photometer data analysis pipelines.
Huw MorrisRutherford Appleton LaboratorySPIRE Systems MaintenanceI solve problems connected with the software running on the SPIRE project hardware.
Chris PearsonRutherford Appleton LaboratorySPIRE Observations Team Manager / Herschel Outreach.I oversee the scientific validation of the SPIRE software pipelines and the pipeline user guides. I also handle Herschel outreach at RAL.
Ed Polehampton Rutherford Appleton LaboratorySPIRE Spectrometer ScientistI work in the SPIRE Spectrometer team on calibration, data analysis and documentation.
Jane PorterRutherford Appleton LaboratoryProject AdministratorProject administration for RAL staff and visitors to RAL, including arranging travel and meetings.
Sunil SidherRutherford Appleton LaboratorySPIRE Operations Scientist and Ground Segment System EngineerI look after SPIRE operations and monitor instrument safety. I carry out engineering and calibration observations as required.
Bruce Swinyard Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
and University College London
SPIRE Instrument Scientist and RAL Co-InvestigatorI test the pipeline and make sure the instrument is working properly. My areas of interest are solar system science and using the FTS to study high-redshift lensed galaxies.
Glenn WhiteRuterford Appleton Laboratory
and The Open University
ScientistI am working on scientific data reduction and analysis. My areas of interest are star formation, debris disks and the cosmic history of star formation.